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Restrict Outgoing Cellular Calls IT policy rule


This rule specifies whether a BlackBerry® device firewall blocks calls that a user makes unless the calls use a fixed dialing pattern.

This rule does not affect emergency calls.

Default value

The default value is a null value.


Type one or more fixed dialing patterns (for example, specific dialing numbers, or a set of dialing numbers with the same prefix) separated by a semi-colon.

To make calls to numbers that are preceded by 1 or +1 only, type +1...;1...

To deny making calls using a specific pattern, append r to that pattern. For example, type 011...r to deny making calls in the format 011NNNNNNNNNN.

To indicate that all other patterns are denied, type r in the pattern list. For example, to make calls to the number 519-555-1234 only, type +15195551234;15195551234;5195551234;r.


A BlackBerry device user must subscribe to caller ID to use this rule.

Minimum requirements

  • Java® based BlackBerry device
  • BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.3
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.1 SP5


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