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Permit a specific third-party application while blocking all other third-party applications

You can use a default application control policy to block all third-party applications.
  1. In the BlackBerry® Manager, on the Software Configuration screen, click Edit Configuration.
  2. Click Manage Application Policies.
  3. Create and name an application control policy.
  4. To delete all existing third-party applications from the BlackBerry device and prevent the BlackBerry device from adding any new third-party applications, set Disposition to Disallowed.
  5. To permit the third-party application, perform one of the following actions:
    • To permit the user to add the third-party application to the BlackBerry device, and to permit the user to delete the application from the BlackBerry device, set Disposition to Optional.
    • To push the application to the BlackBerry device over the wireless network automatically, and to prevent the user from deleting the application from the BlackBerry device, set Disposition to Required. In the software configuration, set the Delivery method to Wireless.
  6. Apply the new application control policy to the third-party application.


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