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Defining acceptable use of passwords and passphrases on BlackBerry devices


Example IT policy rule

Example value

Extend your organization's password policy to BlackBerry® devices.

Password Required


Maximum Password Age

30 (days)

Minimum Password Length

8 (characters)

Password Pattern Checks

2 (requires at least one alphabetic, one numeric, and one special character)

Forbidden Passwords

obvious and non-secure passwords (for example, “password,” usernames, and organization's names)

Set Password Timeout

5 (minutes)

User Can Change Timeout


Delete all user data on the BlackBerry device if the user types the password incorrectly.

Set Maximum Password Attempts

10 (number of incorrect passwords that a user types before the BlackBerry device data is deleted)

Do not permit users to reuse an expired password.

Maximum Password History

10 (maximum number of previous passwords that the new password must be checked against)

Permit users to notify administrators if the BlackBerry device is in jeopardy of theft.

Duress Notification Address

email address that receives a notification message when a user types a password under duress


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