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Auto Backup Enabled IT policy rule


This rule specifies whether the automatic backup option in the backup and restore tool of the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager or BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager is turned on.

Default value

The default value is False.


To permit the backup and restore tool to back up BlackBerry device data automatically, change this rule to True. Automatic backups can help provide recent BlackBerry device data for recovery if you need to replace a lost or stolen BlackBerry device.

Minimum requirements

  • BlackBerry® Application Suite version 1.0
  • BlackBerry® Desktop Software version 3.5 or BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager version 1.0
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for IBM® Lotus® Domino® and Novell® GroupWise® version 4.0
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange version 3.5


The BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise supports this rule with the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager only.


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