Change the maximum size of the files that users transfer between the Microsoft SharePoint server and devices

  1. Open the BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy Administration Service by typing the following web address in a browser: https://<SNAP_server_name>:22446/snapconsole/.
  2. On the File Transfer Service menu, expand Properties Management.
  3. Click Properties Overview.
  4. Click filetransferservice.maxfilesizeallowed.
  5. In the Update Property section, in the Property Value field, type the maximum file size in bytes. The default file size is 5 MB (5,248,000 bytes).
  6. Click Submit Changes.
  7. On the File Transfer Service menu, click Service Management.
  8. In the Service Management section, click Restart Service.
The changes take effect in the BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint the next time that a user logs in to the application.

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