Distribute the BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint to devices using the BlackBerry Application Web Loader

To distribute the BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint to BlackBerry devices using the browser on each user's computer and the BlackBerry Application Web Loader, you can send an email message to users that provides the link to the installation website.
Verify that you configured the required IT policy rules for the BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint and that you assigned the appropriate IT policy to users.
  1. Open the BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy Administration Service by typing the following web address in a browser: https://<SNAP_server_name>:22446/snapconsole.
  2. On the Microsoft SharePoint menu, click Client Distribution.
  3. In the BlackBerry Client Distribution section, copy the Client Distribution URL.
  4. Create an email message that provides the following instructions for the users:
    1. Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer.
    2. In a browser, type the following web address: <Client_Distribution_URL>
    3. If necessary, type the BlackBerry device password.
    4. Click Load.
    5. The BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint is installed on the device. The device might restart automatically during the installation process.
  5. Send the email message to the users.

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