Configuring templates

  • Templates include the initial user settings that you configure for a BlackBerry Mobile Voice System user. The template settings are applied when you add a user to the BlackBerry MVS. An administrator can create one or many templates for a variety of purposes or reasons. Templates can be created on a per department, team, or group basis to manage the various needs of each of those distinct groups. For example, one department might require Voice over Mobile to be the default line for outgoing calls, but another department might require Voice over Wi-Fi. Other departments might want to push a specific call schedule that is different from the rest of the organization. Templates allow you to easily add multiple users at one time rather than having to configure or make changes to each user individually.
  • Templates are a collection of user properties that users are allowed to change if they have permission to do so. You can change the template settings for an individual user or a group of users.
  • If you make a change to a template, the configuration of a user that you have already applied the template to does not change.

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