About BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry® Protect provides a convenient way to wirelessly back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone data, and includes features to help protect the data on your smartphone and help to locate your smartphone if it is ever lost or stolen.

You can use BlackBerry Protect to back up contacts, calendars, memos, tasks, text messages, and browser bookmarks. Using the BlackBerry Protect application on your smartphone, you can choose to back up your data regularly or only when certain types of network connections are available. You can also choose to back up your data manually.

BlackBerry Protect is also designed to restore data to the same smartphone (for example, when you want to recover data that you have deleted), or to a different smartphone (for example, when you need to replace a lost smartphone with a new one).

If your smartphone is lost, you can use the BlackBerry Protect website to help find your smartphone by viewing its approximate location, making it ring, or displaying a custom message on the Home screen of the smartphone. If your smartphone is stolen, you can also remotely lock your smartphone, change your smartphone password, or delete all data from your smartphone.

Note: Depending on your messaging service plan, this feature might not be supported.

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