Change the maximum size of the files that users transfer between the Microsoft SharePoint server and their BlackBerry devices

  1. Open the BlackBerry® Social Networking Application Proxy Administration Service by typing the following URL in a web browser: https://<SNAP_server_name>:22446/snapconsole/.
  2. Under File Transfer Service, expand Properties Management.
  3. Click Properties Overview.
  4. Click filetransferservice.maxfilesizeallowed.
  5. In the Update Property pane, type the maximum file size. The default file size is 5 MB.
  6. Click Submit Changes.
  7. Under File Transfer Service, click Service Management.
  8. In the Service Management pane, click Restart Service.

The changes take effect in the BlackBerry® Client for Microsoft® SharePoint® the next time the user logs in.

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