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Troubleshooting: BlackBerry Administration Service pools

BlackBerry Administration Service instances located in different network segments are not connecting to each other

Possible cause

If BlackBerry® Administration Service instances are located in different network segments that are separated by a firewall, the firewall can block the dynamic ports on the BlackBerry Administration Service.

Possible solution

Perform the following actions:
  1. Make sure that you configured the BlackBerry Administration Service instances to communicate across network subnets using TCP with TCP ping, instead of multicast UDP.
  2. On each computer that hosts a BlackBerry Administration Service instance, navigate to <drive>:\Program Files\Research in Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BAS\server\default\conf.
  3. In a text editor, open service-port-bindings.xml.
  4. Move the line <attribute name ="secondaryBindPort'">xyz</attribute> that is located inside the comment tags outside of the comment tags.
  5. Change xyz to an available port, for example port 14458.
  6. Add the port that you configured in step 5 to the firewall.
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