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Managing wireless message reconciliation

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express synchronizes email message status changes between BlackBerry devices and the email applications on users' computers. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express reconciles message moves, deletions, and indicators for read and unread messages every 30 minutes. By default, wireless message reconciliation is turned on.

To reduce high volumes of wireless network traffic, you can instruct users to limit how often they use the Reconcile Now menu item in the message list on their BlackBerry devices.

Turn off wireless message reconciliation for a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

You can turn off wireless message reconciliation to reduce wireless network traffic or to manage user accounts. If you turn off wireless message reconciliation, users can reconcile their email messages only by connecting their BlackBerry® devices to the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager or the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager.
  1. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the Servers and components menu, expand BlackBerry Solution topology > BlackBerry Domain > Component view > Email.
  2. Click the instance that you want to change.
  3. Click Edit instance.
  4. On the Messaging tab, in the Messaging options section, in the Wireless message reconciliation turn on drop down list, click False.
  5. Click Save all.

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