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Overview: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express is designed to be a secure, centralized link between an organization's wireless network, communications software, applications, and BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express integrates with your organization's existing infrastructure, which can include messaging software, calendar and contact information, wireless Internet and intranet access, and custom applications, to provide BlackBerry device users with mobile access to your organization's resources.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express supports devices that are provisioned for a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or for the BlackBerry® Internet Service.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express supports AES and Triple DES encryption to protect and ensure the integrity of wireless data that is transmitted between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express components and devices. You can configure IT policy rules to control the features of the devices that are used in your organization's environment.

You can manage the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, devices, and user accounts using the BlackBerry Administration Service, a web application that is accessible from any computer that can access the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Administration Service. You can use the BlackBerry Administration Service to manage a BlackBerry Domain, which consists of one or more BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express instances and remote components that use a single BlackBerry Configuration Database.

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