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Prerequisites: Configuring BlackBerry devices for RSA authentication

To perform tasks in the RSA® Authentication Manager, see the RSA Authentication Manager documentation, and the documentation for the RSA SecurID® token.
  • In the RSA Authentication Manager, configure the following policies for the PINs of the software tokens in your organization's environment:
    • whether a PIN is required for authentication
    • whether a PIN is defined by the user or generated by the RSA Authentication Manager
    • whether a PIN is alphanumeric or numeric only
    • whether a PIN has a fixed length or a variable length, with a minimum of four characters and a maximum of eight characters
  • Import the token seed file (also known as the *.sdtid file) that contains the UID for each software token into the RSA Authentication Manager Database.
  • In the RSA Authentication Manager Database, create a user record for each software token holder.
  • In the RSA Authentication Manager Administration application, configure the following parameters for the software token seed file:
    • serial number
    • cryptographic algorithm
    • user account that you can assign the software token to
    • password to protect the software token seed file
  • Communicate the password to the user.

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