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Configuring LEAP authentication

LEAP authentication is a proprietary authentication method that was developed by Cisco® Systems. LEAP authentication provides one-side, server-based authentication between an enterprise Wi-Fi® network and Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry® devices and provides per-client dynamic generation of WEP keys and automatic WEP key updates during a session.

BlackBerry devices support LEAP authentication that uses a user name and password. You must distribute the user name and password using a Wi-Fi profile that you assign to user accounts. BlackBerry devices use a one-way function to encrypt passwords before they send the passwords to the authentication server.

For more information about how the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution supports LEAP authentication, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Security Technical Overview.

Configure LEAP authentication data for BlackBerry devices using a Wi-Fi profile

Before you begin:
  • Using the wireless access point, configure the LEAP settings to accept SSID association requests from users that have the credentials that you specify or to identify the authentication server that the Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry devices use to verify user credentials. For more information, see the documentation for your organization's access points.
  • Configure strong password policies if Wi-Fi network authentication uses LEAP authentication.
  1. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the BlackBerry solution management menu, expand Policy > Wi-Fi configuration.
  2. Click Manage Wi-Fi profiles.
  3. Click the name of the Wi-Fi profile that you want to change.
  4. Click Edit profile.
  5. On the Wi-Fi profile settings tab, perform the following actions:
    • In the Wi-Fi User Name field, type the user name for LEAP authentication.
    • In the Wi-Fi User Password field, type the password for LEAP authentication.
  6. Click Save All.
After you finish:
  • Assign the Wi-Fi profile to the user accounts.
  • Resend the IT policy that you assign to the user accounts to BlackBerry devices.

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