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Configure RSA authentication over a VPN network using a software token

You must add the serial number of the software token that the Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® device can use to a VPN profile so that RSA® authentication can occur over VPN connections.
  1. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the BlackBerry solution management menu, expand Policy > Wi-Fi configuration.
  2. Click Manage VPN profiles.
  3. Click the name of the VPN profile that you want to change.
  4. Click Edit profile.
  5. On the VPN profile settings tab, in the VPN Token Serial Number field, type the serial number of the software token.
  6. Click Save All.
After you finish:
  • Assign the VPN profile to the user accounts.
  • Resend the IT policy that you assign to the user accounts to BlackBerry devices.

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