Upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software in phases

If you use the phased upgrade process, you can maintain previous versions of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express software, install additional BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express instances over time, and move user accounts to the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express versions.

When you use the phased upgrade process, all BlackBerry devices receive new IT policies. Devices that are running BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.0 or later receive new service books and wireless data synchronization occurs.

The BlackBerry Configuration Database and all BlackBerry Administration Service instances in the BlackBerry Domain must be the same version. Before you upgrade the BlackBerry Configuration Database, you must stop the BlackBerry Administration Service services that run on all other computers in the BlackBerry Domain until you upgrade the computers.

Advantages of the phased upgrade process include:
  • You can move user accounts to the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express instances gradually to limit the number of service books and IT policies that the BlackBerry Policy Service sends to devices at the same time.
  • You can monitor system performance while you add user accounts.
  • You can change your organization's environment during the upgrade process by changing which user accounts you associate with each BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express instance.
Disadvantages of this upgrade process include:
  • You require extra computers.
  • You require additional SRP credentials.
  • If you move user accounts from one BlackBerry Configuration Database to another, you lose the device options that you backed up in the BlackBerry Configuration Database.
  • You cannot use some new features (for example, one-to-many relationships between a BlackBerry MDS Connection Service and multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express instances) in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express until all BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express components are the same version.

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