Upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software by using the in-place upgrade process

Using the in-place upgrade process, you can upgrade the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express software by replacing the existing version and upgrading the BlackBerry Configuration Database.

You can use the in-place upgrade process if your organization's environment includes a standalone BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express instance.

When you use the in-place upgrade process, all BlackBerry devices receive new IT policies. BlackBerry devices that are running BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.1 or later receive new service books and data synchronization occurs over the wireless network.

Avantages of this upgrade process include:
  • You do not require an extra computer to perform this upgrade.
  • When the upgrade process completes, user accounts are active and no additional administrative action is required.
Disadvantages of this upgrade process include:
  • After you upgrade the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, you cannot return to an earlier version of the software automatically.
  • You must turn off the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express during the upgrade process. The interruption to services for BlackBerry devices lasts for as long as it takes the upgrade process to complete.
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