Prerequisites: Installing the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software

  • Verify that the Windows® account that you use to install the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software is assigned the local administrator permission on the computer that you perform the installation process on.
  • Verify that the computer that you perform the installation process on is in a Windows domain.
  • If the IBM® Lotus® Domino® server was installed recently, start it and stop it.
  • Retrieve the following information:
    • BlackBerry® CAL key
    • SRP host (in BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 5.0 and later, the format of the SRP host is different from earlier versions)
    • SRP identifier
    • SRP key
    • computer name and port number of the instant messaging server (For Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 use the virtual server name and port number where the AJAX service is installed.)
    • computer name and port number of the proxy server (if applicable)
  • Add the domain to the permitted lists in the antivirus application or anti-spam application that the messaging server or gateway uses.
  • Verify that the computer has access to (optional).
  • If your organization uses a proxy server for Internet access, get the credentials for the proxy server.
  • Verify that you installed the appropriate languages and text services on the computer that you use to install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • If you want to install Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 Express Edition SP3 on a computer that does not host any BlackBerry Enterprise Server components, you can navigate to the Tools folder in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server installation files and run Sqlexpr.exe.
  • If you are installing the BlackBerry Administration Service, verify that the computers that host the BlackBerry Administration Service and BlackBerry Configuration Database are not separated by a WAN bridge.
  • If you are performing the installation on a computer that has more than one NIC, verify that the production NIC is first in the bind order in the Windows network settings.

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