Process flow: Activating a BlackBerry device using a provisioning server

  1. A BlackBerry® device user contacts a help desk representative.
  2. The help desk representative provides the BlackBerry device user with the web address for the provisioning server console. This console uses the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server User Administration Tool to access the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and activate the BlackBerry device.
  3. The user specifies an activation password. A background process for the provisioning server adds the user account to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and starts the activation process.
  4. The user types the email address and activation password on the BlackBerry device.
  5. The BlackBerry device and BlackBerry Enterprise Server exchange device transport keys.
  6. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends applications to the BlackBerry device automatically. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server synchronizes the user's calendar, contact list, tasks (also known as posted all day appointments), memos (also known as posted messages), and up to 750 email messages from the messaging server to the BlackBerry device.
  7. The user can start using BlackBerry device.

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