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BlackBerry Administration Service

The BlackBerry® Administration Service is a web application you use to manage user accounts; assign user groups, administrative roles, and software configurations and apply IT policies to user accounts; and manage servers and component instances in a BlackBerry Domain. You can open the BlackBerry Administration Service in a browser on any computer that can access the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Administration Service. You can share administrative duties with multiple administrators who can access the BlackBerry Administration Service simultaneously using unique user names and passwords. When Microsoft® ActiveX® controls are turned on in your browser, you can connect BlackBerry devices to your computers and manage the BlackBerry devices while you are logged in to the BlackBerry Administration Service.



high availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server components

You can install standby instances of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server components and configure a manual or automatic failover to a standby instance.

ability to assign users to multiple groups

Groups permit you to share administrative roles, IT policies, and other configuration settings among similar user accounts so that properties can be set once instead of for every user. You can assign a user account to more than one group so that the user inherits the properties of every group that the user belongs to. You can also assign groups to other groups to share the properties of the parent group with all of the user accounts in the child groups.

custom server and component names using friendly names

To help you identify servers and component instances, you can define a friendly name for each BlackBerry Enterprise Server and component instance that displays in the BlackBerry Administration Service. Each regional language that the BlackBerry Administration Service supports can have unique friendly names.

custom administrative roles

Each action that you perform in the BlackBerry Administration Service is associated with a privilege. You can specify the actions that administrators can perform by changing the privilege that you assign to administrative roles.

BlackBerry Administration Service authentication or external authentication

Administrators that log in to the BlackBerry Administration Service must provide their user names and passwords. A user name and a password is a unique combination that is stored securely in the BlackBerry Configuration Database and known only to the BlackBerry Administration Service. Alternatively, you can use external authentication, which permits administrators to log in to the BlackBerry Administration Service using the same information that administrators use to access your organization's messaging server.

options for viewing the BlackBerry Domain

You can find and manage BlackBerry Enterprise Server component instances using the server view or component view.

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