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Connections that BlackBerry devices make to mobile and Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® devices connect to different components in the the mobile and Wi-Fi networks so that they can communicate with the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and provide BlackBerry services for users.

This diagram shows the components that are described in the following text.



BlackBerry Enterprise Server

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides productivity tools and data from an organization's applications to BlackBerry devices over the wireless network, and processes, routes, compresses, and encrypts data.

BlackBerry® Infrastructure

The BlackBerry Infrastructure is designed to communicate with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server using a RIM proprietary protocol SRP.

BlackBerry® Internet Service

The BlackBerry Internet Service is an email and Internet service for BlackBerry devices that is designed to provide subscribers with automatic delivery of email messages, mobile access to email message attachments, and convenient access to Internet content.


The UNC/GANC is the gateway for Wi-Fi or mobile communications. The UNC/GANC exists in your organization’s gateway only if the wireless service provider supports UMA.

wireless access point for a home Wi-Fi network or hotspot

An access point for a home Wi-Fi network or hotspot permits the BlackBerry device to connect to a home Wi-Fi network or hotspot.

wireless access point for an enterprise Wi-Fi network

An access point for an enterprise Wi-Fi network permits a BlackBerry device to connect to an enterprise Wi-Fi network using strong authentication and link layer security.

wireless service provider

A wireless service provider is a telephone company that provides services for BlackBerry devices.

Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry device

A Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry device permits a user to access voice and data services across multiple radio technologies.

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