Architecture: Remote BlackBerry Administration Service

You can install the BlackBerry® Administration Service on a computer that is separate from the computer that hosts the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. The BlackBerry Administration Service can use increased system resources when it processes requests. You can install the BlackBerry Administration Service remotely to minimize the impact on the delivery of messages and data, or to create a BlackBerry Administration Service pool to support multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances.

For more information about configuring BlackBerry Administration Service high availability, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Planning Guide.

You can install the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager with the BlackBerry Administration Service. You can install the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager separately to make sure that BlackBerry device users cannot access the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

This diagram shows the components that are described in the following text.



BlackBerry Administration Service

The BlackBerry Administration Service permits you to manage the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, user accounts, and BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Configuration Database

The BlackBerry Configuration Database contains configuration data that the BlackBerry Administration Service manages.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server encrypts and compresses data that BlackBerry devices receive, and decompresses and decrypts data that BlackBerry devices send.

BlackBerry Router

The BlackBerry Router connects to the wireless network to send data to and from BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager

The BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager permits users to activate and manage their BlackBerry devices, back up and restore data, configure email settings, update the BlackBerry® Device Software, and install new applications.

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