Architecture: Remote BlackBerry Attachment Service

You can install the BlackBerry® Attachment Service on a computer that is separate from the computer that hosts the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. You can install the BlackBerry Attachment Service remotely if you want to increase the number of conversion requests that can occur concurrently without impacting message delivery, support multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances, or create a BlackBerry Attachment Service pool that can support multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances.

For more information about how to configure the BlackBerry Attachment Service for high availability, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Planning Guide.

This diagram shows the components that are described in the following text.



BlackBerry Administration Service

The BlackBerry Administration Service permits you to manage the BlackBerry Attachment Service instances and set up attachment conversion features.

BlackBerry Attachment Service

The BlackBerry Attachment Service converts the attachment and returns the attachment data to the BlackBerry Attachment Connector.

BlackBerry Configuration Database

The BlackBerry Configuration Database contains the conversion data that the BlackBerry Attachment Service uses when processing attachment data.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server receives requests to convert message attachments from BlackBerry devices and uses the BlackBerry Attachment Connector to send the attachment data to a BlackBerry Attachment Service instance for conversion. After the BlackBerry Attachment Service instance returns the converted attachment to the BlackBerry Attachment Connector, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends the attachment data to the user's BlackBerry device for viewing.

BlackBerry Router

The BlackBerry Router connects to the wireless network to send email messages and attachments to and from BlackBerry devices.

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