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BlackBerry Applications

BlackBerry® devices support BlackBerry Java® Applications and BlackBerry® Browser Applications. Application developers in your organization can create BlackBerry Applications using BlackBerry development tools or third-party development tools. You can install and manage BlackBerry Java Applications on BlackBerry devices using the BlackBerry Administration Service.

For more information about the options for developing BlackBerry Applications, visit www.blackberry.com/developers.

BlackBerry Browser Applications

BlackBerry® Browser Applications are simplified, web-based applications that you can use to push web content to the BlackBerry Browser on BlackBerry devices. Developers can create BlackBerry Browser Applications using BlackBerry templates or standard web development tools.

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server supports the following types of BlackBerry Browser Applications.



browser channel push applications

An icon displays on the Home screens of users' BlackBerry devices to indicate whether users viewed the latest version of the web content that the Browser Push Engine has pushed to their BlackBerry devices.

browser cache push applications

The Browser Push Engine pushes web content to the cache of the BlackBerry Browser on users' BlackBerry devices. To view the web content, users browse to the appropriate web address using the BlackBerry Browser.

browser message push applications

A message appears in the message list on users' BlackBerry devices to provide a link to new or updated web content.

For more information about developing BlackBerry Browser Applications and sending BlackBerry Browser Applications to BlackBerry devices, visit www.blackberry.com/developers.

BlackBerry Java Applications

BlackBerry® Java® Applications can range from simple applications, such as a game on BlackBerry devices, to complex applications with advanced UIs and various options for data management, storage, and network communication. BlackBerry Java Applications can use a client-only architecture (the applications do not send data to or receive data from a content server) or they can use a client/server application model (the applications send data to and receive data from a content server). For example, a developer can create a BlackBerry Java Application so that users can send data to and receive data from a central sales database.

Developers can create BlackBerry Java Applications using BlackBerry developer tools or other Java authoring tools. BlackBerry devices run BlackBerry Java Applications using BlackBerry APIs and Java ME, which are standard on BlackBerry devices.

For more information about developing and customizing BlackBerry Applications, visit www.blackberry.com/developers.

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