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BlackBerry Policy Service

The BlackBerry® Policy Service sends IT policies and IT administration commands to BlackBerry devices and provisions service books over the wireless network. When you activate a BlackBerry device, change an IT policy, or request that a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server resend service books, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses the BlackBerry Policy Service to send the updates to the BlackBerry device.

An IT policy consists of rules that define BlackBerry device security, settings for synchronizing data over the wireless network, and other behaviors for the individual groups or user accounts that you define. You can configure IT policies using the BlackBerry Administration Service.



wireless delivery

When you configure an IT policy, all rules take effect when the BlackBerry Policy Service delivers the IT policy to a BlackBerry device over the wireless network. The BlackBerry device stores new IT policy rule values in the user configurations on the BlackBerry device automatically.

To keep the IT policy rules current, a BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends the IT policy to the BlackBerry device over the wireless network periodically.

IT policy coverage

When you add a user account to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the BlackBerry Policy Service applies the Default IT policy to the user account automatically. The user account is not active on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server until a BlackBerry device accepts the IT policy.

You can apply a different IT policy to a user account. If you delete an IT policy that you applied to a user account, the BlackBerry Policy Service applies the user account to the Default IT policy automatically.

IT policy assignment

You can apply an IT policy to a group or an individual user account.

resend options

If a BlackBerry Enterprise Server cannot send an updated IT policy to a BlackBerry device immediately (for example, if a user is outside of a wireless coverage area), you can resend the IT policy manually or configure when the BlackBerry Policy Service resends the IT policy. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server continues to resend the IT policy until it delivers the IT policy.

security enforcement

You can configure IT polices that define security settings for BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry® Desktop Software and the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager, and that override security settings that users define on their BlackBerry devices. For example, you can configure whether a password is required for a BlackBerry device, the length of time that the password can exist before it becomes invalid, and the length and composition of the password. You can also use IT policies to specify encryption key details.

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