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Using IT policy rules to manage BlackBerry Enterprise Solution security

You can use IT policy rules to customize and control the actions that the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution can perform.

To use an IT policy rule on a BlackBerry device, you must verify that the BlackBerry® Device Software version supports the IT policy rule. For example, you cannot use the Disable Camera IT policy rule to control whether a BlackBerry device user can access the camera on the device if the BlackBerry Device Software version does not support the IT policy rule. For information about the BlackBerry Device Software version that is required for a specific IT policy rule, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Policy Reference Guide.

If you create a custom IT policy that does not permit users to change their user information on their devices, you can only apply this custom IT policy to devices running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later.

The BlackBerry Administration Service groups the IT policy rules by common properties or by application. Most IT policy rules are designed so that you can assign them to multiple user accounts and groups.

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