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Troubleshooting: Messaging

Messages are not delivered to BlackBerry devices

Possible cause

A third-party application used the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server extension API to filter messages that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends to BlackBerry devices.

Possible solution

  1. On the computer that stores the BlackBerry Enterprise Server event logs, navigate to <drive>:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs.
  2. Search for an event that indicates a third-party application filtered a message (for example, [30425] (07/25 00:11:10.274):{0x1700} {} Message is requested to be blocked. EntryId=123786).
  3. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Remove the third-party application that uses the BlackBerry Enterprise Server extension API.
    • Change the third-party application so that it does not filter messages.
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Text does not appear correctly in Unicode email messages

Possible cause

By default, when the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server receives Unicode messages from BlackBerry devices, it uses UTF-8 character encoding to process the Unicode messages. If email applications cannot correctly display Unicode messages, you can configure the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to use a different character encoding format when it processes Unicode messages.

Possible solution

Change the character encoding that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses to process Unicode messages.

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