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Troubleshooting: BlackBerry Monitoring Service connections

A user cannot log in to the BlackBerry Monitoring Service

Possible cause

If your organization's environment includes a firewall located between the BlackBerry® Administration Service and BlackBerry Monitoring Service, the firewall can block the JNDI delegate port on the BlackBerry Administration Service. By default, the JNDI delegate port is configured to 0 (any port).

Possible solution

Configure the JNDI delegate port to use a specific port number and open the port on the firewall by performing the following actions:
  1. On the computer that hosts a BlackBerry Administration Service instance, navigate to <drive>:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BAS\server\default\conf.
  2. In a text editor, open service-port-bindings.xml.
  3. In the paragraph cluster-service.xml, uncomment the line <attribute name="RmiPort">11101</attribute>. The port number can be port 11101 or any port from port 1000 to port 5000.
  4. Comment out the line <attribute name="RmiPort">0</attribute>.
  5. Add the JNDI delegate port that you configured in step 3 to the firewall.
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