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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Feature and Technical Overview

  • understanding BlackBerry® Enterprise Server architecture

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Installation Guide

  • understanding system requirements
  • performing preinstallation tasks
  • installing the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administration Guide

  • generating and changing device transport keys
  • configuring extended messaging encryption
  • managing security
  • protecting lost or stolen BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Policy Reference Guide

  • understanding BlackBerry Enterprise Server IT policy rules and application control policy rules
  • using IT policies and application control policies

BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool Administrator Guide

  • understanding the BlackBerry® Signing Authority Tool implementation of public key cryptography
  • installing, configuring, and managing the BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool
  • restricting access to APIs

BlackBerry Java Development Environment Fundamentals Guide

  • understanding BlackBerry APIs in the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment
  • understanding APIs, classes, and methods with limited access
  • retrieving custom IT policy rules from the IT policy API
  • installing applications using the BlackBerry® Desktop Software
  • publishing applications over the wireless network

BlackBerry Java Development Environment Development Guide

  • using controlled APIs
  • using code signatures

BlackBerry Smart Card Reader Security Technical Overview

  • understanding highly secure pairings between the BlackBerry device and BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader
  • understanding how the initial key establishment protocol works
  • understanding how the connection key establishment protocol works

Enforcing Encryption of Internal and External File Systems on BlackBerry Devices Technical Overview

  • understanding which data items BlackBerry devices encrypt by default
  • using encryption to protect stored files in the on-board device memory and media cards

Erasing File Systems on BlackBerry Devices Technical Overview

  • understanding which data items are deleted from BlackBerry device memory when you or a user deletes the BlackBerry device memory
  • understanding the different methods of permanently deleting BlackBerry device memory

PGP Support Package for BlackBerry Devices Security Technical Overview

  • understanding PGP® security and encryption
  • using PGP® Universal Server to store and manage PGP keys
  • searching for and validating PGP keys
  • sending and receiving PGP messages

Protecting the BlackBerry Device Platform Against Malware

  • understanding the default behavior of the BlackBerry device
  • understanding malware vulnerabilities on the BlackBerry device
  • managing the risk of malware attacks
  • using IT policy rules, application control rules, and code signing to help contain malware on the BlackBerry device

S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry Devices Technical Overview

  • understanding S/MIME security and encryption
  • managing S/MIME certificates on the BlackBerry device and a computer

Security for BlackBerry Devices with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

  • Bluetooth® wireless technology overview
  • using and protecting Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry devices
  • risks of using Bluetooth wireless technology on mobile devices

  • understanding BlackBerry Enterprise Solution security
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