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Managing how a device connects to an enterprise Wi-Fi network

To manage how a Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® device connects to an enterprise Wi-Fi network, you can use IT administration commands, IT policy rules, and configuration settings. You can turn on or turn off Wi-Fi access for the device in BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.1 SP3 or later, and manage Wi-Fi configuration settings and VPN configuration settings for user accounts in BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.1 SP2 or later.

When you configure an IT policy or configuration setting, a user cannot override the value on the device.

At an application level, you can specify the types of connections that an application can make. When you configure application control policies, you can control whether the application can access the enterprise Wi-Fi network.

For more information about specifying whether an application can access an enterprise Wi-Fi network, see Protecting the BlackBerry Device Platform Against Malware. For more information about using IT policy rules and configuration settings, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administration Guide and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Policy Reference Guide .

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