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Managing add-on applications on a device that a user uses for personal purposes

By default, a BlackBerry® device classifies all add-on applications developed by Research In Motion® as work applications that can access work data.

After you set the Enable Separation of Work Content IT policy rule to Yes, if you do not want add-on applications to access work data such as work contacts, you can use existing IT policy rules to prevent the applications from accessing work data. For example, you can set the Disable Organizer Data Access for Social Networking Applications IT policy rule to Yes to prevent add-on applications such as Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones and MySpace® for BlackBerry® smartphones from accessing the work calendar and work contact list.

The Enable Separation of Work Content IT policy rule has some effect on add-on applications. For example, if you set the Enable Separation of Work Content IT policy rule to Yes, the Facebook application prevents users from pasting work data.

To prevent add-on applications developed by RIM from accessing work data, the "Is access to the corporate data API allowed" application control policy rule for the applications must be set to Deny. If this application control policy rule is not set to Deny, users can copy and paste work data into the applications.

For more information about which applications are add-on applications developed by RIM, browse to to read KB24317.

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