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Keys on a device

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution generates keys that are designed to protect the data that is stored on a BlackBerry device and the data that the device and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server send between each other.

This diagram shows the elements that are described in the following text.



content protection key

The content protection key encrypts user data on the device when the device is locked.

device transport key

The device transport key encrypts the message keys.

ECC private key

The ECC private key decrypts data when the user unlocks the device.

ECC public key

The ECC public key encrypts the stored data that the device receives when the device is locked.

ephemeral key

The ephemeral key encrypts the ECC public key, ECC private key, and content protection key on the device.

PIN encryption key

The PIN encryption key scrambles PIN messages.

principal encryption key

If you or a user turns on content protection, the principal encryption key encrypts the device transport key and PIN encryption key that is specific to your organization when the device is locked.

message keys

The message keys encrypt data sent to and from the device.

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