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Configuring the IT Policy Viewer icon on a device

The IT policy viewer permits a BlackBerry® device user to view IT policy rules that were configured for a BlackBerry device that is running BlackBerry® Device Software 6.0 or later. Only devices that you activate on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server include the IT policy viewer.

The IT policy viewer can display IT policy rules from the following policy groups:

  • Camera policy group
  • Password policy group
  • Security policy group (except for the Forbidden Passwords IT policy rule and Duress Notification Address IT policy rule)

The IT policy viewer can also display the following IT policy rules:

  • Disable Voice Note Recording IT policy rule
  • Password Required IT policy rule
  • Minimum Password Length IT policy rule
  • Maximum Password Age IT policy rule
  • Password Pattern Checks IT policy rule
  • Disable Bluetooth IT policy rule

To open the IT policy viewer, in the Security options on the device, a user can click View IT Policy. A user can also change the device options so that the IT Policy Viewer icon appears in a folder that the user chooses on the device. To require that the IT Policy Viewer Icon appears in a folder on the device, you can use the Force Display IT Policy Viewer Icon on Homescreen IT policy rule.

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