Architecture: BlackBerry Enterprise Solution

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution consists of various components that permit you to extend your organization’s communication methods to BlackBerry devices.



BlackBerry Administration Service

The BlackBerry Administration Service is a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server component that connects to the BlackBerry Configuration Database. You can use the BlackBerry Administration Service to manage BlackBerry Enterprise Server components, user accounts, and features for a device.

BlackBerry Attachment Service

The BlackBerry Attachment Service is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that converts supported message attachments into a format that the user can view on a device.

BlackBerry Collaboration Service

The BlackBerry Collaboration Service is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that provides a connection between your organization's instant messaging server and the collaboration client on a device.

BlackBerry Configuration Database

The BlackBerry Configuration Database is a relational database that contains configuration information that BlackBerry Enterprise Server components use. The BlackBerry Configuration Database stores the following information:
  • details about the connection from a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the wireless network
  • contact list
  • address mappings between PINs and email addresses for BlackBerry MDS Connection Service push features
  • read-only copies of device transport keys, which encrypt the message keys that encrypt data that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and a device send between each other

BlackBerry Controller

The BlackBerry Controller is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that monitors other BlackBerry Enterprise Server components and restarts them if they stop responding.

BlackBerry® Desktop Software

The BlackBerry Desktop Software is an integrated suite of applications that a user installs on the user's computer. It manages the association between a device and the email account, synchronizes organizer data, calendar entries, and inboxes, and permits the user to download applications and BlackBerry® Device Software updates to a device.

BlackBerry device

A device provides the user with access to BlackBerry services such as messaging and browsing.

BlackBerry Device Software

The BlackBerry Device Software consists of applications on a device that permit the user to send and receive email messages, PIN messages, and text messages; manage calendar entries; and so on.

BlackBerry Dispatcher

The BlackBerry Dispatcher is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that compresses and encrypts all data that a device sends and receives. The BlackBerry Dispatcher sends the data through the BlackBerry Router, to and from the wireless network.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server consists of various components that process, route, compress, encrypt, and send data over the wireless network to a device. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server is designed to open a two-way connection that is highly secure between the user's email account and the device. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses the connection to send email messages inside your organization's firewall.

BlackBerry® Infrastructure

The BlackBerry Infrastructure is designed to manage the wireless transport of messages between the wireless network and a device.

BlackBerry® Internet Service

The BlackBerry Internet Service provides a subscriber with messaging service and access to Internet content on a device.

BlackBerry Mail Store Service

The BlackBerry Mail Store Service connects to the messaging servers in your organization's environment and retrieves the contact information that the BlackBerry Administration Service requires to search for user accounts on the messaging servers.

BlackBerry MDS Connection Service

The BlackBerry MDS Connection Service is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that permits the user to access web content, the Internet, or your organization's intranet from a device. The BlackBerry MDS Connection Service also permits applications on a device to connect to your organization's application servers or content servers to retrieve application data and updates.

BlackBerry Messaging Agent

The BlackBerry Messaging Agent is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that connects to your organization's messaging server to provide messaging services, calendar management, contact lookups, attachment viewing, and attachment downloading. The BlackBerry Messaging Agent also generates device transport keys and acts as a gateway for the BlackBerry Synchronization Service to access organizer data on the messaging server. The BlackBerry Messaging Agent synchronizes configuration data between the BlackBerry Configuration Database and user mailboxes.

BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System

The BlackBerry MVS integrates your organization's PBX phone system with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to extend desk phone features to a device.

BlackBerry Monitoring Service

The BlackBerry Monitoring Service is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that is designed to help you monitor your organization's BlackBerry Domain. You can use the BlackBerry Monitoring Service to troubleshoot issues and monitor the health of your organization's BlackBerry Domain proactively.

BlackBerry Policy Service

The BlackBerry Policy Service is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that sends IT policies and IT administration commands and provisions service books. The BlackBerry Policy Service sends service books to configure settings for features and components on a device.

BlackBerry profiles database

The BlackBerry profiles database is an IBM® Lotus® Domino® database that the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for IBM® Lotus® Domino® uses to store configuration data for the user account.

BlackBerry® Provisioning System

The BlackBerry Provisioning System is designed to permit wireless service providers to configure and manage BlackBerry services for their subscribers. A wireless service provider can assign, activate, deactivate, suspend, and resume BlackBerry services and check the current status of service requests for a device on the wireless network.

BlackBerry Router

The BlackBerry Router is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that connects to the wireless network to send data to and from a device. The BlackBerry Router also sends data over your organization's network to a device that is connected to a computer that hosts the BlackBerry® Device Manager.

BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader

The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader controls access to your organization's sensitive communications using Bluetooth® technology and the latest encryption technologies. The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader permits an organization to use two-factor authentication.

BlackBerry state databases

The BlackBerry state databases are Lotus Domino databases that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino uses to store data that associates email messages that a device sends or receives to corresponding messages in the user's email application. The data in the BlackBerry state databases supports features such as email message reconciliation, email message forwarding, email message filing, and replying with text.

BlackBerry Synchronization Service

The BlackBerry Synchronization Service is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server component that synchronizes organizer data between a device and your organization's messaging server over the wireless network.

instant messaging server

The instant messaging server stores instant messaging accounts.

messaging server

The messaging server receives, sends, and stores all email messages.

organization's application server or content server

Your organization's application server or content server provides push applications and intranet content that the BlackBerry MDS Services use to install on a device.

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