Known issues

When the Require Work Resources For Conducting Work Activities and Enable Separation of Work Content IT policy rules are both set to Yes, and a BlackBerry® device user tries to open Windows Live™ Messenger, the user receives an error message. (DT 1013388)

When the Require Work Resources For Conducting Work Activities IT policy rule is set to No and a user configures a personal email account to Auto BCC a work email account, when the user creates an email message using the personal email account, the BlackBerry device uses a work email service record to send the email to the work email account. (DT 960873)

If a user receives a work email message with an attachment, the user is not prevented from forwarding the attachment using a personal email account over a Bluetooth® connection. (DT 893098)

Workaround: You can set the Disable Bluetooth IT policy rule to Yes to turn off support for Bluetooth technology on a device.

Personal applications that use the Accessibility API can still access work data. (DT 880284)

Personal applications can still view the file names and the file properties for work files. (DT 880246)

The Screenshot API allows third-party applications to take screen shots of the data on the device when it displays work data. (DT 879346)

Workaround: You can set the Allow Screen Shot Capture IT policy rule to No to prevent the device from allowing applications, including third-party applications, to take screen shots.

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