Data and applications that a device classifies for personal use

A BlackBerry® device classifies the following data and applications for personal use:
  • email messages and attachments that a BlackBerry device user sends from any email account (for example, a personal email account) except for the work email account
  • contacts that the device synchronizes with personal email accounts (for example, Google Mail™ contacts)
  • phone data (phone data is considered to be personal data but the call history and call logs are deleted when you delete work data)
  • instant messages that a user sends or receives using BlackBerry® Messenger
  • text messages that a user sends or receives using PIN messaging, SMS text messaging, or MMS messaging
  • applications that have the "Is access to the corporate data API allowed" application control policy rule set to Deny
  • content that is stored for the BlackBerry® Browser (the BlackBerry Browser is a personal application but the cache is deleted when you delete work data)
  • maps
  • media application data (for example, the camera, video, music, or voice recorder)
  • passwords that the Password Keeper encrypts

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