BlackBerry MDS Connection Service fixed issues

If you configured the application.handler.http.tracking.whitelist property in the file, the BlackBerry® MDS Connection Service used up all the computer memory and crashed. (DT860703)

If you configured an untrusted HTTPS connection to a specific URL, the BlackBerry device displayed the "Access Denied: Insecure SSL" error message when the user attempted to access it. (DT 872254)

If a user tried to browse to WML pages that included invalid WML using the BlackBerry® Browser on a device, the device displayed an HTTP 500 error message. (DT 489855)

If a page set a cookie, the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service did not pass the cookie on to any other pages. (DT 486192)

The Via header that the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service sent to the device did not include protocol information and did not comply with RFC 1616. (DT 391707)

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