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Prevent the Microsoft Exchange known issues for wireless calendar synchronization

Some known issues for Microsoft® Exchange impact how the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server synchronizes calendars over the wireless network. To prevent the known issues from occurring, you can read about the known issues for Microsoft Exchange that might impact your organization's messaging environment and install the hotfixes for them. If your organization's messaging environment includes multiple messaging servers, you can resolve the known issues that apply to the latest Microsoft Exchange software version in your organization's environment.

If you do not install the correct hotfixes, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server cannot run.

  1. Visit to read articles 823343 and 894470.
  2. Verify that your organization's environment meets the requirements that are described in the applicable known issues.
  3. Download the hotfixes for the known issues on the computers that you want to install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Administration Service on.
  4. Install the hotfixes.

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