User data that a device stores

A BlackBerry® device stores user data such as the following:

  • subject, location, meeting organizer, attendees, and any notes in all appointments or meeting requests
  • all contact information in the contact list except for the contact title and category
  • subject, email addresses of intended recipients, message body, and attachments in all email messages
  • title and information that is included in the body of memos (also known as posted messages)
  • subject and all information that is included in the body of tasks (also known as posted all day appointments)
  • if your organization uses software tokens, contents of the .sdtid file seed that is stored in application storage
  • all data that is associated with third-party applications that a user installs on the device
  • for the BlackBerry® Browser content that web sites or third-party applications push to the device, any web sites that the user saves on the device, and the browser cache
  • all text that replaces the text automatically that the user types on the device
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