application programming interface
application storage
Application storage is internal to the BlackBerry device. It contains the operating system, BlackBerry® JVM, and an internal file system. Application storage is also known as flash memory and onboard memory. Applications on a BlackBerry device can be run only from the application storage. All BlackBerry devices have application storage.
BlackBerry device memory
The BlackBerry device memory consists of the NV store, flash memory, RAM, on-board device memory, and BlackBerry device key store.
built-in media storage
Built-in media storage is a storage location on an eMMC. It is not removable. A FAT file system is mounted on the built-in media card. Built-in media storage is also called internal media memory and onboard device memory.
content protection
Content protection helps protect user data on a locked BlackBerry device by encrypting the user data using the content protection key and ECC private key.
device transport key
The device transport key (formerly known as the master encryption key) is unique to a BlackBerry device. The BlackBerry device and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server use the device transport key to encrypt the message keys.
Elliptic Curve Cryptography
embedded MultiMediaCard
File Allocation Table
IT administration command
An IT administration command is a command that you can send over the wireless network to protect sensitive information on a BlackBerry device or delete all BlackBerry device data.
IT policy
An IT policy consists of various IT policy rules that control the security features and behavior of BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets, the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, and the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager.
IT policy public key
The IT policy public key is a key that a BlackBerry device uses to authenticate the IT policy that the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server sends.
IT policy rule
An IT policy rule permits you to customize and control the actions that BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets, the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, and the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager can perform.
Java® Virtual Machine
A local area network (LAN) is a computer network shared by a group of computers in a small area, such as an office building. Any computer in this network can communicate with another computer that is part of the same network.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Multimedia Messaging Service
NV store
The NV store is a nonvolatile store that persists in application storage on a BlackBerry device. Only the operating system of the BlackBerry device can write to it. Third-party applications cannot write to the NV store.
persistent store in flash memory
The persistent store in flash memory stores data for a BlackBerry device. By default, third-party applications cannot access the persistent store. When it deletes all device data, the BlackBerry device deletes the data in the persistent store.
personal identification number
principal encryption key
The principal encryption key encrypts the device transport key when a BlackBerry device is locked if content protection is turned on.
service books
Service books determine which services are available on BlackBerry devices or BlackBerry enabled devices.
Short Message Service
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