Activate a device that is associated with the BlackBerry Internet Service over the wireless network

  1. Add a user account from your organization's user directory to the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express and create an activation password for the user account. For more information about adding a user account and creating an activation password, visit to see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Administration Guide.
  2. Send the activation password to the BlackBerry® device user.
  3. In an email message, instruct the user to download and install the free Enterprise Activation application for BlackBerry smartphones from the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. Instruct the user to run the application, follow the instructions on the screen, and to type their work email address and activation password when prompted.
The BlackBerry device activates on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express and the user's work email messages, calendar, and organizer data synchronize with the device. An icon on the home screen of the device indicates the progress of the activation process.

After the application runs, an Enterprise Activation menu item displays under the Advanced menu on the device (the menu item disappears when an administrator sends service books to the device). Instruct users to start the activation process using only the Enterprise Activation application for BlackBerry smartphones.

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