Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry devices

Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® devices permit users with qualifying data plans to access BlackBerry services over a mobile network, Wi-Fi network, or both networks simultaneously.

When users can access a mobile network and Wi-Fi network simulaneously, users can perform multiple tasks over both networks. For example, a user with a BlackBerry® 8820 smartphone can send messages over a Wi-Fi network and can make a call over the mobile network at the same time.

If users' mobile network providers make UMA technology (GAN technology) available, and users have subscribed to the UMA feature, Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry devices can access the mobile network providers' voice services and data services over a mobile network or a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry devices can open a Wi-Fi connection from an enterprise Wi-Fi network or, with a VPN session, from a home Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi hotspot to connect directly to the BlackBerry Router.

Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry devices are designed to open a connection to the BlackBerry® Internet Service to access the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service, BlackBerry® Messenger, and other BlackBerry devices for PIN messaging. You can verify with your organization's wireless service provider whether your organization's service plan provides access to these services over a Wi-Fi network.

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