Using IT administration commands to protect a lost or stolen BlackBerry device

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server includes IT administration commands that you can send over the wireless network to protect sensitive data on a BlackBerry device. You can use these commands to lock the BlackBerry device, permanently delete user information and application data, and return the BlackBerry device settings to the default values.

IT administration command


Specify new device password and lock device

This command creates a new password and locks a BlackBerry device over the wireless network. You can communicate the new password to the user verbally when the BlackBerry device user locates the BlackBerry device. When the BlackBerry device user unlocks the BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry device prompts the user to accept or reject the new password.

You can use this command if the BlackBerry device is lost. If you or a user turned on content protection and a BlackBerry device is running BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.3.1 or earlier, you cannot use this command.

Delete all device data and disable device

This command permanently deletes all user information and application data that the BlackBerry device stores. You can configure the following options when you use this command:
  • specify a delay, in hours, before the BlackBerry device starts to delete all the user information and application data
  • require the BlackBerry device to return to its factory default settings when it receives this command
  • specify whether to permit the BlackBerry device user to stop permanently deleting data from the BlackBerry device and making the BlackBerry device unavailable during the delay period

You can send this command to a BlackBerry device that you want to distribute to another BlackBerry device user in your organization, or to a BlackBerry device that is lost and that the BlackBerry device user might recover.

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