How the BlackBerry Enterprise Server calculates health scores

Certain BlackBerry® Enterprise Server components calculate a health score that indicates how well the component can provide specific services. The components send their health scores to the BlackBerry Dispatcher, which combines the health scores of the components to calculate the overall health score of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The BlackBerry Dispatcher writes the information to the BlackBerry Configuration Database, and it provides the information to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server that requests it.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server components calculate their health scores by examining their operating health, the stability of their connections to other components, and the health scores of the other components.

The health score of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server consists of various health parameters. Each health parameter indicates whether a particular service or feature is available. If you turn on the automatic failover feature for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can configure health parameters so that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server fails over automatically when critical services or features are no longer available.

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