Installing the BlackBerry Monitoring Service

The BlackBerry® Monitoring Service monitors BlackBerry® Enterprise Server component activity, and, if configured, sends notification messages to administrators.

You can install only one BlackBerry Monitoring Service in each BlackBerry Domain in your organization's environment. The BlackBerry Monitoring Service stores its data in its own database. The BlackBerry Monitoring Service can monitor all BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances in your organization's environment including remote BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances and components.

You can install the BlackBerry Monitoring Service database on the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Monitoring Service, on the database server that hosts the BlackBerry Configuration Database, or on another database server. You can install the BlackBerry Monitoring Service database on a database server that does not host the BlackBerry Configuration Database if you want the BlackBerry Monitoring Service database to be available when the BlackBerry Configuration Database is unavailable, if your organization's system resources are limited, or if you want to run reports frequently.

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