Install a standalone BlackBerry Router

A standalone BlackBerry® Router is a BlackBerry Router that is hosted by a computer that does not host any other BlackBerry® Enterprise Server components except the BlackBerry Controller. The BlackBerry Controller monitors the BlackBerry Router and restarts the BlackBerry Router if it stops responding.
Note: You cannot manage the BlackBerry Controller that monitors a standalone BlackBerry Router in the BlackBerry Administration Service. You must manage the BlackBerry Controller in the BlackBerry Configuration Panel on the computer that hosts the standalone BlackBerry Router.
  1. Log in to the computer using the Windows® account that you want to use to run the BlackBerry Router.
  2. In the BlackBerry Enterprise Server installation files, double-click Setup.exe. If your operating system is Windows Server® 2008, run setup.exe as an administrator.
  3. In the Setup type dialog box, select Install a standalone BlackBerry Router.
  4. When you receive a prompt, do not start the BlackBerry Router service until you configure the BlackBerry Router to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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