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Protect a lost device

If a user misplaces a BlackBerry® device or if a device is stolen, you can protect the data on the device by locking the device or making it unavailable.
  1. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the BlackBerry solution management menu, expand User.
  2. Click Manage users.
  3. Search for a user account.
  4. In the search results, click the PIN for the user account.
  5. In the Device activation section, click Specify new device password and lock device.
  6. Type and confirm an activation password. For devices that are running BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.1 and earlier, the password must not contain special characters. Some devices do not support special characters and do not unlock when a user types a password that contains special characters.
  7. Click Specify new device password and lock device.

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