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Prerequisites: Configuring database mirroring or database replication of the BlackBerry Configuration Database or BlackBerry MDS Integration Service database

  • Install the same version and build of Microsoft® SQL Server® for the mirror or replicated database server that you installed for the principal database server.
  • Configure the database servers to permit access from remote computers.
  • Verify that the Microsoft SQL Server Agent uses a domain user account with the local administrative permissions set to the same permissions as the Windows® account that runs the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server services.
  • Verify that the domain user account has permissons on both database servers so that each Microsoft SQL Server Agent can access the shared replication folder.
  • Configure the database server that will host the mirror or replicated BlackBerry Configuration Database or BlackBerry MDS Integration Service database with the same permissions that you configured on the database server that hosts the prinicipal BlackBerry Configuration Database and BlackBerry MDS Integration Service database.
  • Verify that the DNS server is running.
  • If you turned on the automatic failover option for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, use the BlackBerry Administration Service to change the failover type to Manual until you finish configuring database mirroring or database replication.
  • If you are configuring database mirroring, configure the database servers as follows:
    • Only use static port number 1433.
    • Verify that the SQL Server Browser is running.
    • Do not use named instances.
  • If you are configuring database mirroring, turn off the Named Pipes option in the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client on the computers that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances.

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