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Configure BlackBerry devices for RSA authentication

Software tokens use the UID and current time to authenticate the Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® devices to the RSA® Authentication Manager. To permit BlackBerry devices to authenticate to the RSA Authentication Manager, you must synchronize the time and date on BlackBerry devices with the time and date on the computer that hosts the RSA Authentication Manager, even though the RSA Authentication Manager is designed to accommodate time differences of up to three minutes.
Instruct users to use one of the following methods to synchronize the date, time, and time zone settings on the BlackBerry devices with the RSA Authentication Manager:
  • Adjust the time on BlackBerry devices using the Date/Time option on the BlackBerry devices manually.
  • Use the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager to synchronize the date and time on the BlackBerry devices with the date and time on the users' computers.
After you finish:
  • Assign the Wi-Fi profile to the user accounts.
  • Resend the IT policy to BlackBerry devices.

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