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Protecting passwords that a BlackBerry device stores

A user can use the password keeper to store all passwords that the user uses to access applications and web sites from a BlackBerry® device. The password keeper is designed to protect the passwords with a password keeper password. The user is required to remember only the password keeper password.

The first time that the user opens the password keeper on the BlackBerry device, the user must create the password keeper password. The password keeper encrypts the information that it stores using AES-256 encryption, and uses the password keeper password to decrypt the information when the user types the password keeper password. The BlackBerry device deletes all device data if a user types the password keeper password incorrectly 10 times.

In the password keeper, a user can perform the following actions:
  • type a password and its identifying information (for example, which application the user can access using the password), and save the information
  • generate random passwords that are designed to improve password strength
  • copy passwords and paste them into an application or password prompt for a web site

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